Introducing, Loom Records

Featuring the debut EP from Justin Sun, creator of the Tron Blockchain
Our First Artist:  Justin Sun
Some call him the inspiration to BTS. Many know him as being an ardent supporter of avocado farmers worldwide. But you might know him as Founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation. Here's a secret: Justin Sun is a lot more than all of this.

When he was just 2 years old, his mother noticed him beatboxing a Biggie Smalls tune — and he hadn't even heard of Biggie Smalls. Rumor has it, Biggie may have stolen that beat from Justin Sun. That's how deep his hip-hop roots go. 

Do you know what's even better?
His debut album "Enter The Sun" is going to force most rappers to go on unemployment. 

Call for New Artists


We are actively looking for prominent figures in the blockchain space to be added to our tribe of artists. 

No special musical ability is necessary. 

All that is required is a passion for hip-hop, blockchain and chutzpah to deal with mobs of haters who are too stupid to understand good music. 

The rest will be taken care of by our dedicated team of in-house ghostwriters, and producers. 

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A boutique hip-hop label focused on spreading blockchain technology through dope beats

Most of the world knows Loom Network as one of the fastest growing blockchain scaling solutions specializing in interoperability.

The problem is:  only nerds and gambling addicts know about blockchain and its potential to save humanity  — and that’s unacceptable.

Quite frankly, if we want to speed up the adoption of blockchain technology AND take over the globe like Oprah Winfrey — we need a better strategy. 

After weeks of data crunching and research, we found the answer: Hip-Hop Music.

As the most popular genre of music amongst teenagers and people with face tattoos — using hip-hop as a vehicle to introduce blockchain to billions of people is a no-brainer. 


That's why we are officially launching Loom Recordsa boutique hip-hop label focused on spreading blockchain technology through dope beats, and superficial lyrics.

It's the perfect vehicle for mainstream success.

So put on some pants, bust out those maracas, and get ready to get your musical glands tickled — because the next wave of hip-hop is here, and you’re on it.

Note: Face tattoos, Cuban link chains, Luxury Watches, Extreme Narcissism, Diamonds, Shiny grills, and/or an unhealthy obsession with marijuana are all highly recommended to appeal to mainstream consumers. 

While not required, an ideal candidate would be interested in one or more of the above. 

If you know of any potential artists we should add to our team — consider sharing this page with them.

If you refer an artist to Loom Records — you'll have a chance to win a custom grill or a professional face tattoo yourself.

The sun is about to rise, my friend. 



What is Loom Records?

Coming Soon on Cassette and All Platforms!